Elevating the bed dump in a dump truck international

The trucks dump make different types of material moving easy. Another machine, like a shovel mechanical or backhoe, is usually used to fill the dump box. Typically, the materials are transported by dump trucks include land on construction sites, demolition debris sites, asphalt paving projects, or snow on snow removal.


Start the engine. The engine power is what you’ll use to lift the dump truck box. Make sure the shift lever is in neutral. Press the clutch (the farthest on the left pedal) to the floor. Turn the key until the engine starts to walk. Now you can slowly release the clutch.

Drives the truck to the landfill. International dump trucks often need to be handled in reverse until the final disposal site. You back off when you need to use your side mirrors. The easiest way to reach your goal is to choose the space before moving. Aligns the side of your two back to the point that you chose and slowly back until you’ve reached wheels.

Remember that because you are aligning the side of the truck to the landfill must point to the edge of where you want to pour the material. Once you’re happy with your place of discharge, put the truck in neutral and apply the parking brake.

Find the Power Takeoff (PTO, for its acronym in English) and crane control. In dump trucks International newer, both levers are between the driver’s seat and the driver’s side door. The PTO is a device that redirects energy from the engine to the hydraulic system used by the crane to lift the box.

Press the clutch to the floor. In this position you will activate the brake clutch stops the internal moving parts. This is necessary before using the PTO.

Move PTO lever to the on position and slowly release the clutch. When the clutch has been fully released, the crane is ready for use.

Move the crane control of the “neutral” position to the “up” position.

When the box is lifted to its maximum height will stop moving. At this point you can put back to the PTO lever in the “off” because they need to be able to lower the box. When you want to lower the box, move the crane control to the “off” position.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can stop the crane at any time by pressing the clutch to the floor.
  • You can increase the speed of the crane by pressing the accelerator pedal. Be careful not to raise your RPMs beyond 1800.
  • Do not operate a dump truck International without training and proper supervision.
  • Any time you raise your box dump truck international, be sure to be on level ground. If the truck is not level could tip over, causing irreversible damage to the equipment, and could be fatal for the operator.
  • Make sure the truck is down before moving.
  • Make sure there is nothing on the box before lifting. Touch a power cord with box could cause electrocution and could be fatal.