Cost of construction

The cost of building a building varies greatly depending on the size and type of building, the location of the building and the land, the materials used, etc. Here is nevertheless a small overview of the different prices that allow to make a first order of ideas budgets to consider.

The share of the land in the total cost of construction is important. The differences in the cost of land are significant from one region to another, as indicated by detailed estimates of land prices.

Price of building a building per square meter – price / m²

The Ministry of Housing and Sustainable Housing publishes the reference values ​​of construction costs based on Net Surface Area Prices (SHON), estimated from the INSEE Construction Cost Indexes. These can be used to estimate the cost of a construction based on the desired area.

These costs are usually distributed around 30% for the structural work (structure and strength), 30% for the second work (cladding and comfort) and 30% for the technical batches (plumbing, heating, strong and weak currents …) and 10% for the surroundings (roads, networks, green spaces …). However, depending on the materials chosen, conventional or ecological building products, originality and desired aesthetics, finishes (second-artwork) can take a larger share of the total cost for a high-quality building. We can then assume a price range of 1800 $ to 2200 $ per m² SHON for a high-end construction.

Architect’s fees

It is necessary to supplement this basic estimate for the construction work by the fees of an architect, whose services are obligatory for any construction of a floor surface superior to 150m ². The skills of the architect, his knowledge of the economic fabric and his project design and management work are remunerated by these fees.

Whenever possible, the architect also assume the role of prime contractor to ensure the proper conduct of construction; for such a “complete” mission – design and construction management – its fees plus the various administrative and legal costs are usually in the range of 7 to 15% of the total construction price, depending on the type, the complexity and the size of the project.

Price estimates by size, type and quality of a building

It should also be noted that green buildings designed with a view to ”  sustainable development  ” generally result in a starting cost premium of 10 to 15% compared to the basic indices, due to the techniques and materials used. While the architect’s know how minimizes this additional cost, this additional investment is mostly offset by the various savings generated over the years through the implementation of sustainable construction practices.

Of course, these figures are only projections and should only be used to get a first idea that does not replace the actual encryption of your particular project by a qualified professional.