Business ideas equipment rental

Business equipment rental offer products that people and businesses need short-term and affordable. People who are thinking about starting a rental business teams have many options to choose from. Explore your options before investing in equipment and supplies can help you be sure you choose the right equipment in which to specialize.

Party rentals

Rental equipment for parties, weddings and other large group events can range from machines for making popcorn, fryers and cotton candy machines to cash registers, tables, chairs, stereos and more. Many party rental companies also rent inflatable trampolines for children’s parties as well as tables and chairs for weddings and parties. Depending on the demographic to which you want to target, you have the option of focusing on rental equipment for specific or for a variety of occasions.

Rental of medical equipment

Hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities may experience the need for additional temporary medical equipment such as fans, beds and stretchers. People who receive medical care at home may also need wheelchairs, dialysis machines, hospital beds and other medical supplies and equipment temporarily. Provide medical equipment rental with temporary or hire-purchase can be a lucrative business that carries the added satisfaction of providing medical supplies and equipment to people in need.

Rental of construction equipment

Buy and hold a forklift, utility vehicles, pressure washer or other building material can be a costly endeavor. Individuals and companies who need construction equipment resort to short-term rental companies of construction equipment. Some companies specialize in renting heavy machinery, while others specialize in generators and electrical equipment. Even other companies choose to specialize in aerial platforms and gardening equipment.