Basic carpentry tools necessary for construction work

The tools needed to work on the construction generally are not supplied by the contractor tools include both security as work. While many of the most expensive, as the teams surveying or toolboxes could be provided, usually you have to get you some of your own tools to work in construction.

The various safety equipment are the first things you have to buy when you work in construction. The typical safety equipment includes a helmet, boots or steel-toed shoes, leather gloves and safety glasses. Choose the high – quality equipment that is likely to last and be comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. An additional issue is a tool belt with pockets for nails or screws and pencils ties to construction, drills and hammers.


Make plans to buy your own hammer to start work for any construction company. While can provide access to an array of hammers, the selection is likely to be limited. Choose a comfortable hammer 16 to 20 ounces (453-567 grams), to avoid fatigue due to the weight of the hammer, and the problems that you may experience by having one that is not heavy enough.

Measuring tools

Electronic measurement tools are commonly provided by the contractor, since these are not always necessary. It is a good idea, however, have your own tape measure so you do not have to ask continually borrowed tapes of your coworkers. Choose a tape that is at least 25 feet (7.6 m) long and lightweight, durable construction. The tape measure should be easy to carry and sturdy enough to avoid damage if you drop it.

Pencils and sharpeners carpentry

Carpentry pencils, due to their consumable nature, have a tendency to disappear faster than they arrive. For this reason, it is a good idea to always have a carpenter’s pencil in hand on your own, along with a small pencil sharpener or a pocket knife that you can use to sharpen it when it wears out.