Safety sheets for cars

Over the years, the automotive industry has been advancing hand in hand with technology, with the main purpose of increasing the confidence and comfort of the traveler. That is why in addition to GPS and sophisticated alarm systems, other methods have been implemented such as safety laminate for cars, which undoubtedly adds an additional protection value to any car that meets these characteristics. The safety sheets for cars are composed of a set of micro layers made of a type of resistant polyester that are held together with a powerful adhesive.

The impressive thing about this laminate is that once installed it manages to cushion blows up to 400% more than a conventional glass. In fact, although the resistance capacity of a glass with sheets of protection for cars varies depending on the magnitude of the force that is rammed against the glass, in addition to the thickness of the glass and the sheet, this layer of polyester allows to reduce the damages that can occur when one is in the middle of acts of vandalism, natural catastrophes and even explosions, since when their components finish to consolidate well, they exert a considerable pressure towards the outside that allows to absorb better the energy of the impacts.

However, this does not mean that the glass cannot be broken, only when it does not explode in thousands of dangerous fragments that can seriously injure the passengers of the vehicle; instead, the sheet holds the broken pieces together, also providing a kind of seal against wind and water. On the other hand, this system has the particularity that being perfectly installed you can get out of the car by just hitting the glass forcefully from the inside, which represents an effective escape mechanism at the time of an accident.

There are several types of security sheets for cars, but basically those that are completely transparent are considered, which, apart from guaranteeing greater protection, gives the vehicle’s occupants more time to react to possible emergency scenarios. As this elementary model is available, sheets dyed with metals or pigments have been developed that are special to reduce the heat and brightness produced by the sun, optimizing the operation of air conditioning on hot days, without affecting visibility in general.

However, although the latter seems the best option, it is preferable to consult the local regulations that have been established regarding the tonality of the glasses of the car, as these vary according to each country and / or province. It should be noted that with or without dye, another of the great advantages of these safety sheets for vehicles is that they filter up to 99% of the UV rays that enter the interior of the car and help to reduce the sound that comes from the outside, the increase in the thickness of the crystal.

Ways to install safety sheets for cars

Fundamentally, two ways of installing these safety sheets for glass have been described. One of them is to remove the glass from the doors of the car, but as it is necessary to dismantle these structures, there is a risk of losing the factory settings, even being more invasive, there is a greater chance that the installation will be defective. On the other hand, the other form, which in fact will be explained below, is a simpler and much less aggressive procedure for the car, since it is based on placing the sheets without having to remove the glass from the doors and that is why it is the most recommended by experts in the field.

To begin with the procedure, you have to measure the pieces of sheets to be placed, whose measurements must comply with a series of standard rules. In the upper part, the sheet must be flush with the glass, in the lower part it must have a margin of about 2.5 cm and in the sides it should respect a limit of 5 mm. In this way it is ensured that in a dangerous situation the glass can be broken from the inside to escape, otherwise, if the sheet is installed to the end or below the set, the aforementioned mechanism cannot be made.

After this, to continue with the assembly, a cleaning of the internal surface of each glass is carried out, where immediately the sheet moistened with water and detergent is glued. This procedure is repeated in all the glasses that you wish to protect, and once you have finished with the installation, all that remains is to wait for it to consolidate well, for which it is vital to keep the glass closed for a period of 24 hours. At least, this prevents the sheet from moving from its original position and ensures optimal initial bonding.

If small bubbles or streaks are observed in the glass, this is not synonymous with a bad procedure, they are simply remnants of water that have been trapped in the bonding process, which will gradually disappear when they dry. The consolidation or setting of the safety sheets for cars is achieved in its entirety after a month, but still fulfill all its functions from the first moment of its application. However, we must take into consideration the climate in which the car circulates, since if it is in a hot environment, the drying and setting time will be less compared to a cold climate, where this process will take a little longer.

Guarantees and prices of security sheets

The guarantee of this laminate will depend on the quality of the material and glass as such, some houses offer a lifetime guarantee, but others only guarantee a 15 to 20 year guarantee. The maintenance is not very demanding, because just by cleaning the glass using clean microfiber towels, its deterioration is minimized considerably. On the other hand, regarding prices, it is worth mentioning that these will vary depending on the car model, the type and thickness of the sheet and the amount of these that you wish to install.